Port of Aktau, Kazakhstan

Port of Aktau, Kazakhstan

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Aktau Commercial Sea Port
Umirzak Village
Aktau 466200, Kazakhstan
Telephone: 7 (3292) 51-45-49, 44-51-26, 44-51-27
FAX: 7 (3292) 44-51-01, 44-51-27
E-mail: aktauport@aktauport.kz

The main sea gate of Kazakhstan in the Caspian Sea is the port in Aktau city, its basic industrial activity being trans-shipment of cargoes of e.g. metal products and bulk cargoes. Shipment to the Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan and Iran. The port was founded in 1963. Its main production activity is reshipment of cargo of the following types: metal products, saw-timber, loose cargo, motor vehicles, and also loading and unloading of oil products. There are 11 moorings on the territory of the port and four of them are oil-loading moorings. The port has its fleet represented by 4 ships: PTR-300 "Aktau" used for transportation, SLV "Raduga" - for reception of consumption wastes and faecal waters, garbage of all kinds from the ships and taking that to the shore; tug and cant ship Gousan-5" for mooring the ships, the oil collector and clean sweep device "MNMC-49". The port has 4 railroad spurs. They are looking at the rehabilitation of the Rail Ferry Terminal. Port Aktau is the multi purposed terminal for handling of container, general and in bulk cargo up to 1,5 mln. tons and oil cargo up to 10 mln. tons per annum. All-the-year-round time of working. The modern transshipment technology, covered and opened storage facilities. The Port Aktau is the most modern port on the Caspian Sea. There is a direct way to the ports of the Black. Mediterranean and Baltic sea for Kazakhstan through this non-freezing port.

For 1997, 313 ships came to the port including dry-cargo ships of the Russian Federation - 14, Republic of Azerbaijan - 45, Islamic Republic of Iran - 34; oil-lading ships: Russia - 20, Republic of Azerbaijan - 137. The capacity of the dry-cargo ships was 1000-5500 tons (with draught up to 4.6 m); the capacity of the oil-lading ships was from 4600 up to 7000 tons (with draught 5.3 m). In 2006, 10 million tons of crude oil was shipped by small-capacity tankers from the Caspian port of Aktau, mostly to Baku and in smaller volumes to Iran and to the Russian port of Makhachkala.

Aktau Commercial Sea Port transported 901.3 thousand tons of cargoes from the beginning of 2005, a 25 per cent increase against the reporting period of 2004, KZ-today reports.

The transshipment of dry cargoes reached 98.5 thousand tons in January 2005 that by 13 thousand tons exceeds the level of January 2004. 802.8 thousand tons of oil and petroleum products were transported this January, that by 219 thousand tons exceeds the level of the same period of 2004.

It is expected to transport 10.5 million tons of dry cargoes, including 1 million tons of steel, 300 thousand tons of grain, 30 thousand tons of asbestos in 2005.

The volume of the loading works for 1997 was 282.3 thousand tons; loading and unloading of oil products - 867.9 thousand tons including import - 5.6 thousand tons.

According to prognosis the traffic capacity of the port will increase from 1998 to 2008 for oil products - from 1500 thousand tons up to 7000 tons, for dry cargo - from 300 thousand tons up to 1500 thousand tons, for containers - from 0.4 thousand up to 2.5 thousand containers. The construction of a new port near Aktau is possible. KarakudukMunai, an operating company of LUKOIL Overseas Group in Kazakhstan, held the ceremony of commissioning a railway oil-loading rack with a tank farm on 12 July 2007.

The cargo processed in the port come and go by railway and sea. Passenger traffic is not carried out and is not supposed to be carried out after reconstruction of the port. The ferry mooring, recently used for passenger and cargo transportation, demands restoration work after destructive impact of the rise of the Caspian Sea level.

The project to expand the Caspian seaport of Aktau in the West of Kazakhstan is to be completed in 2014. The port is being expanded as part of the international transCaspian corridor. In 2013 the contractors started dredging works and completed the feasibility study to construct three dry cargo terminals, with 2 versatile terminals capable of 1.5 million tons a year each, and the third – grain loading - terminal being capable of handling 1 million tons.

In 2013 Kazakhstan launched a dry cargo maritime company and purchased two dry cargo vessels with deadweight of 5000 tons each. The vessels are intended to secure Kazakhstan’s self-reliance in terms of dry cargo shipments.

To the end of the current year the vessels have been booked to ship metals and grain towards Iran. Plans are afoot to bring the number of vessels in the Kazakhstan’s dry cargo fleet up to 20. Before December 2013 Kazakhstan had no dry cargo vessels of its own and relied on foreign vessels.

Freights reloaded at Aktau port in 2013 totaled 10 million tons, 300 000 tons over the estimated target. With the three new terminals completed in 2014, the capabilities of the port will be raised from the current 16.5 million tons to 19 million tons.

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The Customs Code dated 5 April 2003 and several pieces of related legislation regulate import and export operations in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan legal entities may import and export in accordance with their internal regulations or charter, subject to any licensing requirements that may exist for specific types of goods. Branches and representative offices may conduct such operations through licensed Kazakhstan customs brokers.