Port of Ash Shihr Terminal (Al Mukalla), Yemen

[Ash Shihr Terminal]

The offshore oil terminal is a single point mooring at the Ash Shihr Terminal south east of Sanaa, Yemen.   Nexen, Inc. (originally known as Canadian Occidental Petroleum, Ltd.) has a 52% working interest in and operates the Masila Project, which is the largest single source of oil production in Yemen.  The crude oil pipeline runs from Masila wells to the Ash Shihr terminal.  Ash Shihr terminal will not accept a vessel for loading if the calendar year in which the vessel was built precedes the calendar year in which the vessel is nominated to the teminal by twenty (20) years or more.   With effect from January 1, 2003, environmental protection dues for oil tankers loading crude oil at Ash Shihr Terminal are US$ 0.15/- per GRT, instead of US$ 0.13/-.

The Ash Shihr terminal is operated by Nexen, Inc..

Marsila-Ash Shihr crude oil pipeline runs from Masila wells to the Ash Shihr terminal at Al Mukallah (Mukalla).

The M/T Limburg, a 2-year-old double hull French supertanker, had a terrorist attack on 06 October 2002 as it approached the Ash Shihr terminal.   The French embassy in Sanaa said the blast was caused by a small boat packed with explosives that rammed the tanker in an act of terrorism.


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