Port of Bayside, NB, Canada

Latitude: 45" 09', North. Longitude: 67" 08', West

Bayside Port Corporation

[Bayside Port]

The Bayside Port Corporation, located south on the St. Croix River of the Bay of Fundy, has three berths with lengths of 100, 80, and 140 metres and corresponding depths of 8.1, 6.5, and 9.75 metres. The approach channel has a depth of 21.3 metres. A ship loader is used for quarried material.

The Bayside Marine Terminal is a two berth facility that is currently experiencing a period of growth. The terminal's main source of traffic is in the areas of gypsum and potatoes. The new private non-containerized temperature sensitive foods storage facilities will increase total volume of traffic, making Bayside one of the most important and fastest growing ports in the Maritimes. The Bay of Fundy is famously known for its high tides.

Port Manager
Bayside Port Corporation
PO Box 341
108 Champlain Drive    E5B 2Y2
St. Stephen, NB, Canada    E2B 2X2

Phone: (506) 529-3503
Fax: (506) 529-3504

Bayside Stevedoring Ltd.
94 Boundrey Street    E3L 2X8
St. Stephen, NB, Canada
Phone: (506) 529-8866

Fundy Stevedoring & Vessel Agency
P.O.Box 194
St.Stephen N.B. Canada
E3L 2X1
Phone: (506) 469-0167

Bayside Food Terminal
136 Champlain Prom
Bayside, NB   E5B 2Y2
Voice: (506) 529-8026

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