Port of Belawan,
North Sumatera, Indonesia

Latitude: 03" 48', South. Longitude: 98" 43', East

Port Area of Belawan (Indonesia)

Medan, capital of North Sumatra prov., NE Sumatra, Indonesia, on the Deli River, c.15 mi (25 km) from its mouth, where the city's port (Belawan) is situated. The largest city in Sumatra and the fourth largest in Indonesia, Medan is the marketing, commercial, and transportation center of a rich agricultural area containing great tobacco, rubber, and palm oil estates. Coffee and tea are also grown in the vicinity. Industries include the production of machinery and tile, and automobile assembly. Medan, gateway to the beautiful Lake Toba region, is a tourist center, with an international airport; attractions include the Great Mosque (the largest in Sumatra) and the Palace of the Sultan of Deli. Belawan Port had rehabilitation of the extensively deteriorated cargo berths and improvements to dry bulk and palm oil loading systems of Ujun Baru Terminal, relocation of the passenger terminal and construction of a new passenger berth, and procurement of container-handling equipment Belawan is Indonesia's busiest port outside of Java. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) has become the main export commodity of Belawan sea-port following the recent raising demand of the plantations product, assisten manager to public relations division of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia-I, Erwin Sutiyana said here on 21 Feb 2007.

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia-I Cabang Pelabuhan Belawan

The region tiers more than 30% of Indonesia’s export commodities, making it a vital cog in the economy. Tobacco, palm oil, tea and rubber are produced in large quantities, particularly around Medan in the north of the province. Pelni ships, regularly visit Medan's port Belawan, on the Malacca Strait.

The port was initially built in 1890, to provide a location where tobacco could be transferred directly between rail lines from the interior and deep-draft ships. The harbor expanded in 1907 with the construction of a new section intended for Chinese and indigenous traders, reserving the existing port for European shipping. In the early twentieth century the port's business expanded, with the growth of major rubber and palm oil plantations in northern Sumatra. In the 1920s several major berthing facilities were built. In 1938, the port was the largest port in the Dutch East Indies, in terms of cargo value. Cargo volumes dropped substantially after Indonesian independence, and did not reach pre-independence levels again until the mid-1960s. A major restructuring in 1985 saw the construction of a container terminal; it almost immediately captured about one-fifth of Indonesia's containerized exports. Major products exported include rubber, palm oil, tea, and coffee.


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