Port of Chittagong, Bangladesh


  • Chittagong Port Authority (CPA)


  • The Port of Chittagong is the principal Port of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. It is situated on the right bank of the river Karnafuli at a distance of about 9 nautical miles from the shore line of the Bay of Bengal. River Karnafuli rising in the Lushai Hill falls in the Bay of Bengal after taking a winding course of 120 nautical miles through the districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Chittagong.


  • With Patenga Beacon as centre if an arc is drawn seaward with a radius of 5.5 nautical miles till it intercepts the coast line at positions :-

    Lat 220 18'45" N. Long. 91046'30"E in the North and Lat 22008'13"N.Long 91050'00"E in the South, the area enclosed within the extremities if the arc will from the Seaward limit of the Port of Chittagong.


  • Upper limits of the river water are formed by two straight lines, one drawn across the Karnafuli River in the North by joining two pillars located at:-

    Lat : 22024'33"N
    Long : 91054'30E and

    Lat : 22024'56"N
    Long : 91054'11"E

    and the other by joining the two pillars located at:-

    Lat : 22025'07"N
    Long : 91053'18"E and

    Lat : 22025'07"N
    Long : 91053'10"E



  • Mongla Port is situated at the East Bank of Pussur River near the confluence of Pussur River and Mongla Nulla at a distance of 65 Nautical miles from the Fairway Bouy situated (Lat. 21026.9'N Long. 89034.4'E) in the Bay of Bengal. The geographical position of the port Jetties is in position lat. 22026.9'N Long. 89035.57'E.


    To the North

    A line drawn due East-West from a point in position Lat. 22020'E. to a point in position Lat. 22038'N. Long. 89040'E.

    To the South

    A line drawn due East-west from a point in position Lat. 21027'N. Long. 89020'E. to a point in position Lat. 21027'N. Long. 89040'E.

    To the East

    A line joining the point in position Lat. 22038'N long. 89040'E. to a point position Lat. 21027'N. Long. 89040'E.

    To the West

    A line joining the point in position Lat. 22038.00'N long. 89040'E. to a point position Lat. 21027'N. Long. 89020'E.


  • Incoming ships must be present themselves at Mongla Fairway Bouy at least 3 hours before H.W. at Hiron point, to enter on a particular day.

    The master should send the following information to Port Control via Khulna Radio call sign S3E and Hiron point pilot station call sign S3K 24 hrs. prior to arrival at Mongla Fairway bouy.
    1. ETA Mongla Fairway Bouy.
    2. Fresh water draft.
    3. Speed available.
    4. Length of vessel.
    5. Gross tonnage of vessel.
    6. Flag of vessel.
    7. Fresh water requirments.
    8. Local Agent.

    Newspaper Article - 2005
      The country's second seaport Mongla has been subject to negligence by the authorities concerned with its top post lying vacant for the last four months and many other important positions handled by non-professionals.   After the contractual job of MK Alam, chairman of the Mongla Port Authority (MPA), ended on July 19 this year, Mosharraf Hossain, member (finance) of MPA, was made chairman in-charge of the port authority.

    On October 21, Mosharraf went on leave preparatory to retirement (LPR) and the charge of acting chairman was then given to Nepal Chandra Sarker, a joint secretary of the Ministry of Shipping stationed in Dhaka.   But Sarker left for Sweden on October 30 to participate in a month-long training programme leaving the key position vacant.   Member (Engineering) of MPA, Ruhul Amin, is now chairman in charge.

    Sources said the shipping ministry had recommended extension of the job of MK Alam for another two years but the Ministry of Establishment did neither respond to the suggestion nor appoint a permanent chairman.   Shipping Secretary Ismail Zabihullah, however, told The Daily Star that he had requested the establishment secretary to appoint a new chairman for the port authority. He hopes the appointment will be made soon.   After the retirement of Member (Finance) Mosharraf Hossain, the charge was given to Capt Azizul Hasan, member (operations), but he was transferred to Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation as its director (technical).

    Now only Member (Engineering) Ruhul Amin is working while the other two positions of MPA members remain vacant. Abu Tayeb, chief engineer of the mechanical department, is now acting as member (finance).   Sources said there is no suitable person to take charge of the finance and audit department or the harbour and conservancy department of the MPA.

    The post of vice-chairman of Mongla Dock Labour Board has also been lying vacant for more than a year.   Daud Ali, chief of planning department, is now looking after the work in addition to his regular duties.

    Mongla Port, which has been plagued with various problems including high goods handling charges and frequent labour unrest, saw a drastic decline in berthing of oceangoing ships in the last few years. On average 300-350 ships anchor at the port annually, less than half the number of vessels anchoring at the port during 1980s and early 90s. Now the port jetty often lazes for weeks together without any ships. Moreover, labour unrest sometimes keeps the vessels unloaded for several days.   The port labourers and stevedores have been protesting various steps taken by the government to reduce loading and unloading charges of goods at the port and improve its efficiency in management and operations.

    The shipping secretary said the government is trying to persuade businessmen to use the port facilities and increase the berthing of vessels.

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