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El Salvador's major cargo seaport is located in Acajutla. A second minor cargo port exists in the eastern part of the country at Cutuco. Japan Bank for International Cooperation has provided a loan to be used to finance civil works, services and consulting services for the development of port facilities, including a terminal, peripheral equipment and access roads at La Union Port (formerly Cutuco Port) located southwest of Fonseca Bay, La Union Province, at the eastern end of El Salvador. Puerto de La Unión is located in the Fonseca Gulf, offers excellent operation conditions. Currently it is under construction to become a mega port with enough capacity to compete globally. Its 117 hectares will have one terminal for containers, two for receiving and distributing grains, and one for passenger traffic. It is 185 kilometers by highway and 252 km. by rail from San Salvador.

By the year 2005, El Salvador will have completed the construction of this deep sea port, Puerto de La Unión (Puerto Cutuco), located on the Gulf of Fonseca. This project consists in developing a harbor area of about 117 hectares (approximately 289 acres) on the Bay of La Union. During the first stage, a marginal wharf of 560 meters of dockage with a depth of 14 meters (in low tide) and a terminal area of 28 hectares (69.2 acres). The new port will offer the favorable, natural conditions of the bay, which guarantee safe operations, routes of easy access, a facility specialized for the handling of containers, significant savings in the costs of terrestrial transport and the costs of handling containers from El Salvador to the ports of neighboring countries. The reception of cargo from the southern regions of Honduras and Nicaragua are also among many of its advantages.

Punta Gorda is 1 km away from Cutuco. A new pier is been built to offer more capacity for cargo and passenger traffic. Due to its proximity to Cutuco, it will be included within the Mega Port project. In addition, there are international investment offers to develop a port specialised in the fishing industry containing infrastructure for the conservation, processing and exporting of tuna fish.

Punta Gorda
The Punta Gorda seaport is located in the Gulf of Fonseca, in the vicinity of Cutuco Port, it has a pier 300 meters in length, with a draft of 9.5 meters.

Port of Cutuco, El Salvador
The Cutuco seaport is located in the Gulf of Fonseca, its geographic location is 13º17' Latitude North and 87º47' Longitude West, 252 kilometers from the Nations Capitol of San Salvador. The length of the pier is 168 meters, and has two berthing prospects, warehousing is available. At this time the Port is not operational, but it is an ongoing project for a new port.

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