Port of Dalhousie, NB, Canada

Port of Dalhousie, NB, Canada

Mr. Aurele Ferlatte - President
Port of Dalhousie Inc.
221 Harbour Rd.
Dalhousie, NB, Canada
E8C 1X3

Telephone: (506) 684-2530
Fax: (506) 684-5617

Oct 26, 2005
David Serafino, Publisher of the Dalhousie Peer Magazine, said "Port Dalhousie reached its zenith somewhere between 1999 and 2002. It has been in decline since. The optics are that Port has a successful commercial core but the fact is that most businesses are losing money and will close. Right now, all of the seasonal businesses are shut down but you will soon also see some of the year-round businesses with boards on their windows."

DALHOUSIE (NB) — On March 27, 2006, Transport Canada transferred ownership of the port of Dalhousie to the Port of Dalhousie Inc., a locally owned, not-for-profit corporation sponsored by area longshoremen. According to Transport Canada, the transfer of the port property is supported by the Town of Dalhousie and all major port users are supportive of the transfer of the port property.

Under the transfer agreement, Port of Dalhousie Inc. is subject to operating conditions, including the facility’s continued operation as a public port for four-years. The agreement includes a financial contribution of C$3.5 from the Government of Canada that is to be used exclusively for operational and maintenance costs over the next 10 years.

The transferred property, located on the south shore of the Bay of Chaleur at the mouth of the Restigouche River in the province of New Brunswick, includes 98 acres (39.66 hectares) of land, 494 acres (200 hectares) of “waterlot,” and two cargo facilities -- East Bay Marine Terminal, whose chief cargo is paper, and the West Wharf, which imports petroleum and coal and exports ore concentrates. Berth depths range from 9.7 to 10.3 meters (31.8 to 33.8 feet).

Dalhousie was one of Transport Canada's Regional/Local ports, which range from large facilities that support significant local and regional commercial activity to very small facilities with little or no commercial traffic.