Port of El Ferrol, Spain

On the Ferrol Inlet (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean)
Latitude 43.29N, Longitude 8.14W

[Port of El Ferrol]

Port Authority El Ferrol & San Ciprián
Muelle de Curuxeiras, s/n
Tel. (981) 33 80 00
Fax (981) 35 99 17
E-mail ferrol@ferrol.portel.es

President: D. Genaro García-Arreciado Batanero
Director: D. Enrique Pérez Gómez

According to the port authority of El Ferrol & San Ciprián in Spain, a tender covering a concession for a new 230,000 m2 container terminal in the outer harbour will be issued during 2004. Investment in the new facility will total €40 mill, with minimum traffic guarantees required after five years of 3.3 mill tonnes/yr.

The terminal, which will be located at the mouth of the Ferrolana River, will be built on an area currently being reclaimed from the sea. A breakwater, around 1km from the current coastline, is already in position, and 60 percent of the overall infill was reported to have been completed by the end of 2003....

El Ferrol Terminal
In 2002, the Reganosa group, comprising Endesa, Union Fenosa, the Tojeiro Group and Algeria's Sonatrach, began construction on the El Ferrol LNG import facility. Algerian LNG will supply the new terminal, located in Galicia in northwest Spain, for ten years following the El Ferrol's projected 2006 commissioning. In conjunction with the terminal, which will have an initial capacity ranging from 88 Bcf/y to 123.5 Bcf/y, a new pipeline will be constructed to connect the terminal to power plants located in the region.

Spanish companies are also involved in developing liquefaction terminals (export) in order to secure access to supply. Union Fenosa, for example, is involved in constructing two LNG liquefaction plants, namely in the port of Damietta (Egypt) and in the port area of Qalhat in the city of Sur (Oman). Once these terminals are completed, Union Fenosa will have access to 141 Bcf/y (Egypt) and 77 Bcf/y (Oman).


Astano Shipyard in El Ferrol
Astilleros del Noroeste SA (Astano), El Ferrol
Empresa Nacional Bazan de Construcciones Navales Militares (Bazan)
Ferrol Dockyard
Izar shipyard

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