Port of General Santos, Philippines

Makar Wharf

Location Latitude 06o06'N Longitude 125o09'E   Located at the head of Saranggani Bay midway at the Southern Coast of Mindanao about 2 kilometers from General Santos City, South Cotabato.
Port Limits Port of General Santos embraces all that portion of Saranggani Bay Bounded by an imaginary line extending across the Bay from Tanpuan Point Sumpang Point.  Thsi shall include all foreshore areas and delineated port area of the Makar Wharf.

Total Port Area       :  101,189.00 sq.m
Original Land          :    40,370.00 sq.m
Reclaimed Land      :   60,819300 sq.m
Commercial Land    :   77,781.55 sq.m 

Entrance Channels The following signals are recognized by all pilots:

   -   The pilot jack hoisted at the fore
   -  The international code signals or P.T.
   -  The international code signals P.T. by flashing lights 

Seismic Condition The Philippine Archipelago lies between the two major tectonic plates of the world, the Pacific Plate and the Eurasian Plate.  The interactions and movements along the active faults are responsible for strong earthquakes in the Philippines.  The most active part is the eastern section including eastern Mindanao.  General Santos City is situated about 20 kms from the Mindanao fault.  The annual average number of perceptible earthquake is six.
Foundation Condition There are three major geological formations in the Makar port General Santos
Description Reinforced concrete general purpose wharf handling conventional and containerized cargo as well as domestic passengers.

Marginal Wharf - 561 m x 19 m (5 berths)
Wharf Extension - 27 m x 12 m
Roro Ramp - 9 m x 11 m
Landing Platform - 9 m x 12.9 m

Transit Shed Three (3) units with an individual dimension of 72 m x 30m total floor area of three (3) sheds is 6,480 sq.m.
Ro-ro Facilities 27 x 12 meters R.C. wharf extension with 9 x 11 meters Roro ramp and 12.92 meters R.C. landing platform.
Private Warehouses Name                                              Area          
Compania Maritima I                    18.40 x 20m
Compania Maritima II                   18.40 x 20m
WG&A Inc.                                 18.40 x 10m
Eastern Shipping                         54.40 x 20.27m
Sulpicio Lines                             34.25 x 20.00m
Lorenzo Shipping Lines               16.25 x 20.00m
Storage Areas Container Yard I                   10,632 sq.m. (Paving Blocks)
Container Yard II                   11,248 sq.m. (Paving Blocks)
Container Yard III                    7,840 sq.m. (Paving Blocks)
Old Quay                               7,600 sq.m.
Chassis Storage Area             2,780 sq.m. (Paving Blocks)
Cargo Handling

South Cotabato Integrated Port Services, Inc. (SCIPSI)
Makar Wharf Llido Arrastre and Stevedoring Services (LLSSI)
Dole Pier Calumpang Wharf Services, Inc. (CALWHARF)
Dole Pier delas Masias Brokerage (DELAMAR)
GMC Pier Tambler Manpower Coop., Services, Inc. (TAMANCO)

Pilotage Serviced by GSC Harbor Pilots' Association
Compulsary for all vessels of :
   Foreign      - 100 GRT or over
   Domestic   -  50 GRT or over
Water Supply Philippine Ports Authority, PMO General Santos
Sarangani Water Services
Towage/Launches Serviced by Aguilar Maritime Link Services

Port Management Office - General Santos City
PPA Administration Building, Makar
9500 General Santos City
E-mail: ppa-gsc@mozcom.com
T: (083) 552-4484
F: (083) 552-4446

The Philippines has a long history as a maritime nation and continues this interest through the further development of its port infrastructure, terminals, ships, and maritime workforce. The Philippine Port Authority (PPA) has traditionally maintained a close hold on all port development and operations.