Port of Malé, Maldives

Latitude 4.17°N, Longitude 73.50°E

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Maldives Port Authority
Phone: (960) 32 9339
Email: maldport@dhivehinet.net.mv
Malé is a free port. Duty rates in Maldives range as follows:
From 5 percent to 20 percent on daily necessities and essentials ;
From 10 percent to 25 percent on items essential for development of domestic industries ;
From 25 percent to 35 percent on items that will enhance the economic welfare of the country ;
From 35 percent to 200 percent on luxury items ;
Some personal items, medicines, staples, and textbooks are exempt from import duties.
Duties are payable in local currency.

Customs requires nine crew lists on arrival as well as a deratting certficate.

When an agent has been prearranged, he should be notified 48 hours before arrival of the ETA. An ETA letter will then be sent by the agent to the Ministry of Defence and National Security, customs, port authority, immigration and quarantine. The details of the ETA letter include the following particulars:

1. Name of vessel
2. Name of master and nationality
3. Name of owner
4. Port of registration and official number
5. Gross tonnage
6. Callsign
7. HF working frequency
8. Last port of call
9. Estimated date and time of arrival
10. Number of crew

Alliance Marine Services Company Pvt Ltd
3rd Floor, MA. Rafrafge, Buruzu Magu
Malé, Rep. of Maldives
Tel: 00 960 310096
Fax: 00 960 310129
Mobile: 00 960 776884, 775644
E-mail:mhameed@alliancemarine.com.mv, ahannan@alliancemarine.com.mv
Website: www.alliancemarine.com.mv
Contact Persons: Mr. Mohamed Hameed, Mr. Abdul Hannan
This agency can arrange inward & outward clearance and any necessary permits. They also offer a range of other services including freight forwarding, diving trips, hotel bookings and local transportation.

Premier International (Pte) Ltd
P.O.Box 20182
Male, Rep. of Maldives
Tel:(960) 332777/332888, Fax:(960) 323140
Shipping agency. Contact: Ahmed Mujthaba, Shipping Manager.

Nooranma Travel Company - Agent
Phone: (960) 31 4451, 32 4513
Email: info@nooranma.com
Website: www.nooranma.com

The Maldives National Shipping Company
Tel:(960) 323871, Fax:(960) 324323

Axton International Transportation Maldives Pvt. Ltd.
Tel:(960) 324319,331964, 773547, Fax:(960) 331963
Email: axton@dhivehinet.net.mv
Website: www.axtonmaldives.com.mv

Malé is the main port handling international traffic. Vessels operate from Maldives to many countries in the region and in the Middle East. The construction of an alongside berth and the provision of complementary port facilities was completed in 2000. Local boats, or dhoanis (average speed 7 knots), are the most common means of water transport. One can make use of the regular ferry services operating between Malé and the International Airport, two kilometers to the east on the Hulule Island. Modern speed boats are also available for hire. Malé International Airport is on an island all by itself.

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The Republic of Maldives is a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean about 1029 miles (1656 km) (894 nautical miles) south of Bombay, India or about 417 mi (671 km) southwest of Sri Lanka. The islands that make up the Republic of Maldives are very small - the total area being around 298 square kilometres and Malé the capital island being only 450.6 acres. There are nearly 1000 uninhibited islands, none over 3m above sea level, surrounded by coral reefs. Formed above peaks from the depths of the ocean, upon layers of both dead and living coral and other remains of various marine life, the islands are densely covered with tropical vegetation such as coconut palms. Its 1,190 coral islets stretch over an area of 35,200 square mi (90,000 sq km).

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