Lake Maracaibo Ports

Lake Maracaibo Management Authority, (Comlago)

Maracaibo city, northwestern Venezuela, capital of Zulia State is the chief seaport and industrial center for the petroleum-rich Maracaibo Basin. The city is located on the western shore of a channel linking Lake Maracaibo and the Gulf of Venezuela (an arm of the Caribbean Sea). It is a major petroleum-shipping center and has industries producing refined petroleum, processed food, textiles, and construction materials. Large fishing ports exist at Cumana and Guiria, and there is an oil export port at Caripito on the Orinoco. Other oil export ports exist at Tia Juana and Las Salinas on Lake Maracaibo.

New port planned on Lake Maracaibo
A port is to be built at the southern end of Lake Maracaibo for coal export. Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo management authority, (Comlago), which is located in Zulia state, has published plans to implement a three-phase seaport development close to the Panama Canal.

The deep water facility will open a coal terminal within three years, a container terminal within five years and a possible oil terminal after a threshold of 10 years. At present, around 61 mta of commodities are shipped via the lake, including coal, petroleum, cement, grain, dry bulks and containers.

The infrastructure ministry opened tenders for a feasibility study on the proposed US$1.2bn deepwater port on the Araya peninsula in northeastern Sucre state, while lake Maracaibo management body Comlago began working on forming the bidding process for a construction contract to build a US$440mn bridge over the lake.

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