Port of Miramichi / Newcastle, NB, Canada

Port of Newcastle, NB, Canada

Port of Miramichi, NB, Canada


Miramichi Port Committee Inc. (MPCI) owns and operates the marine terminal situated close below the Morrisey Bridge in Miramichi West; (the former town of Newcastle). Within close proximity to all of the major forest products producers in Miramichi, our primary focus is providing logistics to the forestry sector.

There is one port located in the City of Miramichi on the Miramichi River. The Port of Miramichi - Newcastle Site officially commenced operation in 1985. The site contains approximately 21,625 m2 (5.34 acres) of property, with a berthage length of 313 m and a depth of 9 m.

Two unheated storage sheds are located on the property containing 10,300 m2 and 2325 m2 of enclosed storage area. There is an open storage area of 9000 square metres.

Supplies, fresh water, power supply, minor repairs, truck service, rail service, shed storage and stevedoring.

Approach channel - Width 100 meters, Depth 6.5 meters
Berth - Length 313 meters, Depth 9 meters
Shed 1 - 10,300 m2
Shed 2 - 2,400 m2
Rail Facilities -Enclosed with 8 railcar capacity
Truck Facilities - Enclosed with 4 truck capacity

For further information:
Miramichi Port Committee Inc.
10 Jane Street, P.O. box 569
Miramichi, NB, Canada
E1V 3T7
Tel: (506) 622-0918
Fax: (506) 622-0907
Email: mpci@nb.aibn.com

Richard G. Hare
President & General Manager