Port of Stanley, Falkland Islands

Latitude 51.40'S, Longitude 59.51'W

At present international shipping services between the United Kingdom and the Falkland Islands are undertaken by EXEL Freight Management (up to twelve times a year) and Darwin Shipping (up to six times a year), whilst Island Shipping provides inter-islands shipping services together with a regular shipping service to Punta Arenas in southern Chile.

EXEL Freight Management
c/o Stanley Services Limited, Airport Road, Stanley
Telephone 22622, Fax 22623

Darwin Shipping Limited
West Store Complex, Ross Road, Stanley
Telephone 27629, Fax 27603, Email darwin@horizon.co.fk

Islands Shipping Limited
Waverley House, Philomel Street, Stanley
Telephone 22345/6, Fax 22347

To dial a phone number in the Falkland Islands, dial your international access code, then the country code 500 and finally the five digit local number.

Stanley and some of the outer islands receive regular cruise ship visits throughout the summer months of October to April.

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