Port of Tubarão, Brazil

In April 2006 the Port of Tubarão celebrated 40 years of success. In its four decades, the Terminal in the Espírito Santo state has shipped approximately 2.2 billion tons of ore and pellets, volume enough to load 16.5 thousand 150 meters long ships.

The purchase of new equipment and coming into operation of new storage yards have contributed to speed up the more than 3 thousand routes for unloading and loading the vessel's holds.  The Port is having a growth in its static storage capacity. In the first half of 2006, it will increase from 4 million to 4.6 million tons.

The shipping volume will also increase: The expectation for 2006 is 88.3 million tons, 5.6% higher than the previous year record.  Guilherme Zavaglia, the general manager of Port of Tubarão, considers that information speed between the several areas is the core factor for the business success. He points out the Company's priorities: Environmental respect and employees' safety.

"The records are the result of good management of people and processes, in addition to a search for operating excellence", says Zavaglia.

Historical factors, such as the increase in the steel demand in the World War II period (1939-1945), promoted the construction of the Port of Tubarão, which was created with capacity to ship 18 million tons of ore per year. The Terminal met the Brazilian need to export, and the needs of Japan, which was dependent on the ore to rebuild their war-torn industry.

Between 2002 and 2007, the investments in the Port will reach up to US$ 131 million. The main objective is to increase the production. The new equipment includes two stackers/ reclaimers - one of which already at work, which will reduce the loading time of the ships.

Investments are being considered for the Port of Tubarão. Among such there is the installation of the fifth railway car turntable and replacement of the current Pier 1 ship loaders, which would increase the capacity to load iron ore and pellets.

The port magnitude, a major value generator for the country.