Puerto de Ushuaia, Ar

Lat 5448'S     Long 6819'W
Charts Arg. H-477, H-478, H-480
B.A. 3424, 3425

Website: Port of Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia is built on hills -- the entire grid of streets slopes down from the end of the Andes mountain range to the sea.   The nearby peaks are covered with snow nearly year-round, and the old-world feel of the city combined with the backdrop of the Andes makes every view breathtaking.

The commercial pier juts out into the bay in a SSE direction; it is being extended to provide a berthing front of 640 m on the south side and 517 m on the north side, with an additional mooring dolphin located a further 28 m beyond the pier.   It is also being broadened to a width of 28 m.   These operations were due to be completed end 1998/early 1999.   The pier is built on a shelving beach and depths alongside a datum reportedly are 31/32 feet at the eastern end and 15/16 feet at the western end.

The Orion oil jetty is situated about 0,5 miles NE of the Commercial pier.   It is a narrow "T" shaped jetty extending about 85 m from the shore with a frontage of 30 m at its head, 10 m width and fitted with outlying mooring points.   It is used by tankers to discharge gas oil to shore storage tanks.   Ships berth starboard side to the jetty and depth alongside is about 35 ft at datum.   The berth is occasionally used by small passenger ships or vessels wishing to bunker directly at the jetty.

It is the gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula, a destination that is gaining popularity among tourists.   Several ships that travel south to the seventh continent make berth in Ushuaia's port on Tierra del Fuego during the tourist season, between October and March.

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