Ports of Yemen

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Yemen's major cargo seaport is located in Aden. Another cargo port exists at Hodeidah. All of the Yemen seaports are listed below. Some have links to port information.

Hodeidah Port

Port Authority: PMAC - Port & Maritime Affairs Corporation.

Port details: The port of Hodeidah consists of 8 berths to accommodate vessels up to a maximum draft of 32 feet ( 9.75 mtrs ) and an LOA of 200 mtrs. The port provides 11 sheds totaling 21000 sq.mtrs., 1 million sq.mtrs open storage and 300,000 sq.mtrs. for the container terminal.

The port is equipped with 1 x 3500 hp tug, 3 x 2500 hp tugs for the assistance in berthing of vessels plus 2 line boats of 750 hp. Night time navigation is permitted. Pilotage and tug hire is compulsory. There are fresh water facilities alongside but no bunker facilities. Diesel oil bunkers can be arranged via road tanker.

Berths numbered 1 to 5 are the general cargo and bulk grain berths. These berths are equipped with 6 rain mounted shore cranes of 3 tons swl.

Berths numbered 6 and 7 are the container terminal berths equipped with two rail mounted gantry cranes of maximum 30 tons capacity.

Berth No. 8 - is a general cargo berth however has limitations in draft forward and LOA.

Note: the hire of shore cranes for general cargo vessels are compulsory.

Tanker berths: Yemen Petroleum Co berth - this is a dolphin berth for the discharge of clean products only. This berth is situated within the port itself and is limited to tankers of maximum 15000 dwt and an LOA of 150 mtrs and beam of 23 mtrs. The draft alongside the berth is dredged to 10 mtrs however the tanker's draft is limited to 9.75 meters for the channel.

Saleef Port

Port Authority: PMAC - Port & Maritime Affaires Corporation.

The port of Saleef is situated within Kamaran Bay 50 kms north of Hodeidah towards the Saudi Arabian border. This port is a natural deep-water port accepting vessels up to 16 mts draft. The port has a single general cargo berth of 400 mtrs. however has no facilities for the handling of cargo since it's primary aim is for the reception of bulk grain vessels discharging into silos currently under construction at this port.

There is also a salt berth which consists of a dolphin berth arrangement with an alongside draft of 16 mtrs. This berth is designed only for the loading of rock salt in bulk which is quarried near by. Currently there are very limited facilities at this port. There are no alongside bunker or fresh water facilities at this port. The nearest town/city is Hodeidah which is 50 Km distant.

Ras Isa Oil Terminal

Ras Isa Terminal
Operated by : Yemen Hunt Oil Company on behalf of Yemen Exploration & Production Company.

Situated at position 15.07 N, 42.36 E.

This terminal consists of a 409,000 DWT Floating Storage and Offloading Vessel (FSO) "SAFER" which is permanently moored 4.8 nautical miles offshore Ras Isa. The terminal operates 24 hours throughout the year, weather permitting.

This terminal is used for the export of Marib Light crude from the oil wells in Mareb.

There are no bunker/fresh water or provisioning facilities at this terminal due to its location.

Mokha Port

Port Authority : PMAC - Port & maritime Affaires Corporation.

The port of Mokha is situated to the south of Hodeidah more or less equidistant between Hodeidah and Aden at position 13.20N 43.13E. This port consists of one pier of 175 mtrs in length and 35 mtrs width allowing for vessels to berth either side. The port has a total of 4 sheds and is very limited in any cargo handling equipment therefore vessels calling at this port must have their own gear.

There are no alongside bunker or fresh water facilities at this port although fresh water and diesel oil can be arranged in limited supply via road tankers.

This port has a draft restriction of 26 feet and is limited to day light navigation only. It must also be noted that the port is exposed to the open sea and can therefore be affected by weather conditions delaying berthing or sailing of vessels.

Port restrictions: Draft of 26 feet and LOA of 150 mtrs.

Aden Port

Aden Port
Port Authority : Yemen Ports Authority ( YPA ).

Day night time navigation is permissible. Full bunker and fresh water facilities are available. Repair facilities available through Aden Dry Docks. Pilotage and tug hire is compulsory.

This port boasts the largest natural deep water port in the region and consists of:

Maalla Wharf

This is the general cargo port consisting of 4 berth each of 187.5 mtrs in length with a depth of 11 mtrs at low water and an extended turning area of 280 mtrs to accommodate vessels of up to 40,000 DWT.

Berths 1 and 2 are considered the container berths with an adjacent area of 7.5 hectares and equipment with 2 x Liebherr gantry cranes of 40 ton swl.

Berths 3 and 4 are for the general cargo vessels and have two adjacent 170 x 60 mtrs sheds. Extending from these berths is the Home Trade quays for local coasters/dhows with limited drafts of 6.7 mtrs.

There is also a Ro Ro berth of 150 mtrs and alongside draft of 7.6 mtrs and ramp width of 25 mtrs.

In addition to the alongside facilities there are a number of mooring buoys for the handling of general cargo vessel in stream for discharge via barges.

Aden Container Terminal

Aden Container Terminal
This terminal was officially opened in 1999 and is a private enterprise between Yemen Investment & Development Int'l Ltd. and the Port Authority of Singapore ( PSA ).

The terminal currently consists of one berth of 700 mtrs and with a depth of water alongside of 16 mtrs. The terminal is equipped with 4 post Panamax gantry cranes and all the modern container handling facilities. The terminal has a total area of 35 hectares with a capacity to store 10000 containers. It is also equipped with 252 reefer points and 10000 sq. mtrs for service buildings.

Handling equipment includes:
     * 4 x Post Panamax ship-to-shore gantry cranes with a capacity of 40 tons
        and capable of handling vessels with 18 container rows across.
     * 8 x Rubber tyred gantry cranes ( 16 wheelers )
     * 2 x Reach stackers
     * 22 Terminal tractors
     * 45 trailers
     * 15MW power plant to provide independent power supply.

Aden Refineries Terminal

Operated by : Aden Refineries Corporation.

The terminal consists of 4 tanker berths. Berths 1, 2 and 3 have an alongside draft of 11.50 mtrs and maximum LOA of vessel of 235 mtrs. Berth 4 has been dredged to 15.85 mtrs alongside with the approach channel and harbour basin depth of 14.75 mtrs and can accept vessel of up to 110,000 DWT and an LOA of 280 mtrs. Bunkers and fresh water are available alongside. Dirty ballast reception is available but up to a limit of 4000 tons. This terminal is equipped with it's own tugs consisting of 2 x 3200 hp/ 35 ton bollard pull tugs.

Mukalla Port

Port Authority : Yemen Ports Authority (YPA).

Situated east of Aden up the coast towards the Omani border at 14.31N 49.08E and consists of two berths of 160 mtrs each and a maximum draft of 8.5 mtrs. The port is very limited in handling equipment therefore all vessels calling at this port must be self contained with their own cranes/derricks. The port has however two shed for the reception of cargo. Vessels can also be handled in stream subject to weather conditions.

Ash Shihr Oil Terminal

Ash Shihr Terminal
Operated by : Canadian Occidental Petroleum Yemen.

This terminal is situated approximately 230 nautical miles east of Aden and consists of a Single Point Mooring Buoy ( SPM ) capable of handling export tankers of maximum 400,000 DWT and minimum 80,000 DWT. The terminal operates 24 hours a day throughout the year. There are no bunkers/fresh water or other services available to the exporting tanker at this terminal due to it's location.

Major Pipelines:
[1] Marib-Ras Isa Pipeline (pipeline between the Marib fields and the deep sea port of Ras Isa on the Red sea)
[2] Shabwa-Rudhum Pipeline (pipeline linking the Shabwa fields to the Rudhum terminal on the Gulf of Aden at Hisn an Nushaymah

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